Honduras is located in Central America and is bordered by Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

The Companion Program between Iglesia Cristiana Lutherana de Honduras (ICLH) and the North/West Lower Michigan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) began in 1998. Since then, Synod members have served as ambassadors for Christ who promote healthy living by educating health volunteers and increasing access to life’s basic needs through the Health for Life Program.

Salud Para La Vida: Health for Life Program

Through the mission of reconciliation and sharing of gifts, we are able to make a difference by teaching health volunteers ways to improve the health within their communities, sending money to give nutritious lunches to a kindergarten school, supporting the purchase of filters for safer drinking water, offering spiritual enlightenment workshops to aid volunteers in their personal life and in contact with their neighbors.

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As part of Health For Life, we have provided water filters to hundreds of families, with the goal of providing a water filter to every household in the poorest sector of Nueva Suyapa, a neighborhood in Tegucigalpa. After receiving a water filter, Health for Life volunteers provide the necessary education and follow up for effective use of the filters.

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Another aspect of the Health for Life program is providing meals for a local kindergarten in La Cañada, a rural village outside of Tegucigalpa. In La Cañada, a local Lutheran congregation provides the only formal preschool education. Heath for Life coordinators extend the church’s health ministry by providing  food for these kindergarten children whose families struggle to feed them. Meals are served five days a week during the school year. The mothers are also taught basic cooking and health concepts, which they can use at home.

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For more information on our work in Honduras, please contact Connie Lenkowski at clenkowski@frontier.com.

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