LARC Lutherans, Anglicans, and Roman Catholics, Laity and Clergy, gather for our 2016 Retreat: “Reconciliation: Thanksgiving, Repentance, and Commitment”


On October 31 this year, Pope Francis will join Lutheran leaders at Lund Cathedral in Sweden for a service of Common Prayer inaugurating the 500th Reformation anniversary. At all levels and beyond expectations, this commemoration is providing abundant opportunities for reconciliation among Christian traditions too long separated. With an eye first toward Lutherans and Catholics, but attention also to the participation and implications for other traditions (notably the Anglican!), this retreat will invite us further “on the way” to deeper relationships among Christians and even toward more visible Christian unity. Guided by the structure of the Lund Common Prayer, each of the three sessions on the theme will examine an aspect of this moment of reconciliation: a balance of thankfulness and repentance for what has been, and then also the commitment not to remain where we are.

The retreat will be held:

Tuesday, October 4, (1:00pm) to Thursday, October 6 (1:00pm)

Augustine Center
2798 North US 31
Conway, Michigan


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