2017 Annual Reports to the Bishop are now available!

The 2017 Annual Report to the Bishop forms for rostered ministers have been posted on ELCA website. The forms have been modified slightly from previous years. You must download and save the form to your computer before filling it out and sending it to the Synod Office

Download Form

If you are having issues accessing the forms, try this:

  1. Make sure you have the most recent iteration of Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. The instructions are below. 
    1. Follow this URL: https://get.adobe.com/reader/
    2. Make sure the boxes under Optional Offers are NOT checked. The offers are bloatware and will slow your system. 
    3. Click “Install Now” and follow the instructions. 
    4. If you are using windows 8, 8.1, or 10, make sure that Adobe Acrobat Reader is your default .pdf reader. 
    5. To do this, in the search bar type “Default Programs” and click on the gear. 
    6. Click “Choose default apps by file type” and scroll down to .pdf, click the box to the right and select “Adobe Acrobat Reader DC” 
      1. Quick Note: It will say that Microsoft Edge is the preferred reader. This is false.
    1. After this, you can download and open the report document. 
    2. Fill out the doc. The text fields will dynamically resize your text so it fits, if it gets too small to read, copy and paste it into a separate document or email and send separately. 
    3. After you are done filling things out, go to the top left corner and click file, save as, and save the document under your name ie. JohnDoe2016Report
    4. Attach that document to an email and send back to the Synod office. 
    5. If at any point you have questions in filling out your form, contact the Synod Office.