The 2022 Churchwide Assembly established a Commission for a Renewed Lutheran Church (CRLC) in response to a memorial concerning restructuring the ELCA’s governance. The nomination process for members of this commission is open and will close on March 9, 2023.  Information on the commission and the nominating process beyond what is provided here is available at

Each synod council (or synod executive committee) is invited to submit two potential nominees. In addition, there is an open nomination process. For each region the Church Council will appoint two people from among the synod nominations and one person from the open nominations. There are six synods in our region. At-large members will be chosen from among all the names received, both from synod nominations and from the open nomination process.

Synod Council will make its nominations at its February 11 meeting. If you are interested in nominating someone or in being nominated yourself by Synod Council, or if you would like to submit your name in the open nominations, please contact Bishop Satterlee by email at The work of the commission will be intense. Information is evolving, but please contact Bishop Satterlee with any questions.