We are excited to announce that Bishop Craig Alan Satterlee’s new book My Burden is Light: Making Room for Jesus in Preaching is now available!

My Burden Is Light: Making Room for Jesus in Preaching invites preachers to reclaim proclaiming Jesus as the goal of preaching. Too often, Satterlee observes, we usher Jesus to the back of the pulpit, invite him to make a cameo appearance, or even excuse him from the sermon altogether. With the author’s guidance, readers imagine the ways Jesus is present in their favorite liturgical space and explore ways they can make room for Jesus in preaching and experience abundant life for themselves and for their people.

Satterlee argues that by preaching the mystery of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection as good news for God’s people, the church, and the world–all of whom long for salvation, we powerfully address the issues we face, including pandemic, climate change, assaults on democracy, social justice, and division. Drawing on his lifetime of experience learning, preaching, and teaching the gospel, this book is foundational for preaching courses and a balm for preachers needing nourishment and renewal.

My Burden is Light: Making Room for Jesus in Preaching is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Fortress Press, and other booksellers nationwide.

The Rev. R. Guy Erwin, President of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg discusses My Burden is Light:

Bishop Craig Alan Satterlee discusses My Burden is Light: