Portico has recently released updated resources with information about benefits in times of transition, disability benefits, financial assistance resources, and more. Review resources below:

Information about 2021 Benefits

Portico’s Board of Trustees has approved health plan and benefit changes for 2021, featuring the continuing expansion of personalized and online programs for ELCA-Primary members, and a new hearing benefit for members with ELCA Medicare-Primary health benefits. Learn More.

As congregations prepare for a new year of ministry, Portico is providing church council leaders with key information to help them budget for 2021 benefits and select the ELCA-Primary health benefit option for 2021 when Annual Enrollment starts this fall. Learn More.

This month, Portico is inviting sponsoring organizations to visit the 2021 Enrollment Center on EmployerLink, where a Decision Guide and the Custom Comparison Report and Spreadsheet will be available to registered users. Once they’re available, please download these resources and share them with decision-makers in your organization. The Decision Guide was specifically created as a visual overview of the two ELCA-recommended options. These documents have been formatted to be easily shared during any online meetings as your organization reviews your options. Plan members will complete their individual Annual Enrollment after their sponsoring organizations have completed their selection process.