Coming into foster care can be traumatic for children. Even if they had been abused or neglected, they had a home and a family that were part of their self-identity. Suddenly, they were taken away from home and sent to live somewhere else – sometimes with relatives, but often with complete strangers.

In 2014, generous donors enabled Lutheran Social Services of Michigan to send 50 children to camp with their brothers and sisters. The children, aged 8 to 16, spent a week at a Living Waters Ministries camp in Northern Michigan. For most of the children, it was their first camp experience. Camp was a huge success, with positive reports from the children, their caseworkers and the camp staff.

Every child deserves the chance to feel like a kid. This July we want to send 89 kids to camp Stony Lake and we’d like you to sponsor one or more of them. Each child needs a scholarship of $550 for one week at camp. This covers the cost of tuition, transportation, a T-shirt and an account in the camp canteen so they can purchase small treats. Your gift also covers the cost of the supplies these kids don’t have: a sleeping bag, pillow, duffle bag and a flashlight, toiletries and so on. Some of the children don’t even own swimsuits! More importantly your help brings siblings together separated by foster care and provides the life-altering experience of their summer! With your gift of $550, you will make sure children will feel normal again and free to just be kids.


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