As you know, our synod reached the 65% goal last year. More than 65% of our eligible ELCA-Primary health plan members and spouses took the Mayo Clinic health assessment, and as a result:

  • Congregations in our synod received a 2% discount on 2014 health care contributions
  • Our synod received an additional 1% to support synodical wellness activities


We experienced these blessings in many ways as health care money was redirected to congregational and synodical ministries. What’s more:

  • Each ELCA-Primary member and spouse who took the health assessment earned $150 in wellness dollars, plus another $350 if they did follow-up activities
  • Leaders and families across the ELCA were more attentive to their health and well-being, leading to vitality in ministry and helping control long-term health costs


We’re slightly behind last year’s pace. We need spouses’ help! New this year, spouses on the ELCA health plan must create their own myPortico account in order to complete the Mayo Clinic health assessment. Creating a myPortico account will be an advantage for spouses — it provides access to resources and information on Portico’s website to help spouses play a more active role in understanding their family’s health benefits and using them wisely.


If you have a spouse on the ELCA health plan, remind him or her to register for a spousal myPortico account and complete the health assessment. The steps are simple:


  1. Ask your spouse to locate his or her Portico “Member ID” and “SVC.” These were mailed to each spouse in February, and will be again in March. If you cannot locate these numbers, spouses (not members) can obtain them over the phone by calling 800.352.2876, Portico’s Customer Care Center. (Spouses need to use their own Member ID and SVC to create an account, not the member’s.)
  2. With these two numbers in hand, have your spouse go to, select the “Register Now” button, and follow the online instructions to register.
  3. Once registered, sign in to myPortico and select the “Go to Mayo Clinic Healthy Living” button to complete the health assessment, and to begin follow-up activities to earn all $500 wellness dollars.


Remember, the deadline to reach the 65% goal is April 30! Thank you for taking this proactive step to enhance our synod’s financial stewardship, and the health and well-being of our leaders and families!