The Leadership Program for Musicians Fall 2017 Online Courses

The Leadership Program for Musicians is a program of The Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It now offers online versions of various courses from the LPM curriculum. The Fall courses runs September 6 – November 15. Courses offered include:

Conversations in Church Music with Kyle Ritter

Have you ever been at a loss when asked why we do what we do musically in worship other than, “we’ve always done it that way?” Have you ever had to defend a hymn choice you made, but felt like you didn’t have the right words? This course will help you clarify why we do what we do as church music leaders and planners. Practical exercises will help you build a helpful vocabulary for use in your particular context.

Liturgy and Music for Lutherans with Scott Weidler

Music is integral to the liturgy of the Church, and not simply a decoration. If this is true, then a church musician ought to understand the foundational history and theology of Christian worship. This course will provide a beginning to that exploration, focusing on how music is at the heart of what happens when Christians gather for worship. Although this course is designed especially for Lutheran church musicians, musicians from other traditions, clergy, and interested lay people are welcome to participate.

Tuition is $300 per course and a limited number of scholarships are available. Go to for registration and scholarship information and to check out what else this organization offers.