EmployerLink Security Enhancements Coming Soon

Portico’s EmployerLink sign-in process will be changing as part of our ongoing commitment to data security and privacy protection. If you’re a registered EmployerLink user, later this summer we’ll walk you through setting up a new way to access your account that includes two-step phone verification every time you sign in. Remember: it’s important for each EmployerLink user to create their own sign-in credentials to protect your organization from people signing in who should no longer have access — for example, when someone completes their term as treasurer or leaves the organization.

Understanding and Supporting Gender-Expansive Christians

In the latest episode of Portico’s Being Here Podcast – Gender Identity and the Church – host Pastor Melissa Pohlman and guest Austen Hartke discuss ways we can seek to honor the image of God found in all of us and help our church embody a spirit of welcome and acceptance. Hartke brings his perspective as a Biblical scholar and founder of the Transmission Ministry Collective to offer practical resources and theological framework for starting these important conversations.