Are you a young adult dedicated to social justice and a simpler way of life? Are you someone who hopes to explore or deepen your faith? Are you seeking experience in the non-profit/ministry field? If so, consider joining the Urban Servant Corps (USC) community! Located in Denver, CO, USC is an ELCA-affiliated, year-long, full-time service program for young adults.

At USC, we believe that service is transformational — it creates the opportunity for shared humanity and to faithfully respond to one another’s needs. We also believe that in community, we are able to live more faithful, simple lives that are in service to one another. Our full-time volunteers live in an intentional community house in downtown Denver with others who are committed to social justice, racial justice, and accompanying vulnerable populations. Food, housing, health insurance, a monthly stipend and an annual “growth and development” allotment are provided. Additionally, Spiritual Direction, alumni mentorship, and professional development opportunities are offered as part of this experience. 

USC will be hosting information sessions on February 15 and 16. Learn More. 

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