In 2020, the North/West Lower Michigan Synod, as well as the rest of the ELCA, will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the ordination of women. To recognize this anniversary, our synod will be hosting two events and two projects. 

The first event will be part of our annual Synod Assembly (May 14-16, 2020) and will feature keynote speakers and worship. The second event (September 19, 2020 will be an education day with Dr. Karoline Lewis, Professor of Homiletics at Luther Seminary and will conclude with a gala dinner. 

The projects include a video that will share the stories of some of the ordained women in our Synod and a book of sermons written by ordained women in our Synod, following the RCL: Year of Mark. We are excited about these celebrations! 

So how can you participate? First, we invite you to join the celebration by attending these events and participating in these projects. Watch for announcements on the Synod website and in the weekly update and newsletter. 

Second, we are inviting congregations, families, and friends of the ordained women in the North/West Lower Michigan Synod to send financial gifts in the name of the person they are honoring to support this year’s Women’s Ordination Jubilee. These gifts will be designated for our Jubilee events and projects. If there is money left over at the end of the year, we will designate it for scholarships for women who wish to be ordained in the ELCA.

If you would like to honor an ordained woman—past or present—please consider sending a financial gift to the North/West Lower Michigan Synod with the name of the ordained woman you are honoring as well as your name as we would like to print a list of all the women who are honored as well those who gave. Please consider this opportunity and watch for more information as the year unfolds.