The next group of volunteers for Young Adults in Global Mission is preparing for service! Beginning in August 2022, 24 young adults will walk alongside communities in four country programs:


• Quentin Bernhard

• Sol Nadal Diaz

• Charles Meredith

• Samuel Susina


• Kristen Berggren

• Joanna Holleck

• Tara Norton

• Samantha Ojeda

• Claire Weisner

United Kingdom

• William Baize

• Ryan Barnhouse

• Dylan Brown

• John Christensen

• Heather Hufford

• Gabrielle Irle

• Shelby Riedman

• Ethan Roberts


• Holly Beck

• Harper Bolz-Weber

• Sophia Caesar

• Katie Euscher

• Cetera Jacobs

• Britta Koenen

• Sophia Warnberg

The ELCA is excited to welcome new volunteers into the YAGM program after a two-year hiatus. If you would like to learn more about the volunteers and support their journeys, you can do so via their fundraising pages. Just search a volunteer’s name to find their page. Learn More.