Community organizing has become one of the chief skills that pastors and church leaders need for current and future outreach in communities. It is a way of connecting with the people, the needs, and the resources in the community. It is a way of assisting the church in reaching out to connect with the community and to see what God is doing outside the doors or the worship space.


There are two Community Organizing Trainings being offered to acquire or to enhance the skills of church leaders.


ELCA Weeklong Community Organizing Training (Urban Emphasis)

WHERE: The Lutheran Center (ELCA Churchwide Office), Chicago IL (8765 W. Higgins Rd)

WHEN: August 9-14, 2015

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Following Jesus: A Small Town Community Organizer (Small Town and Rural Emphasis)


WHERE: Maria Stein Retreat Center, OH

WHEN: Oct 14-16, 2015

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“This was both the most challenging and the most powerful leadership development opportunity I’ve experienced in recent memory.” -Rozella White, ELCA Program Director for Young Adult Ministry


“This was very helpful as an opportunity to learn how to make the world, and our church, a place that embraces the power of God’s purpose.” -Bishop Rick Hoyme, Northwest Synod of Wisconsin


“This training helped me to fully embrace the power I have and gave me courage to use that power to accomplish the exciting work God is calling us to do together.” -Rev. Bill Tesch, Director for Evangelical Mission, South Dakota Synod


“The community organizing training of the ELCA was a major turning point in my young career as a pastor. This kind of training is exactly what we need to see more of it in the church of the 21st century.” –Rev. Nathaniel Allen, Parish Pastor, Pacifica Synod


“These tools offer communities and congregations the change to create spaces of equity, justice, and change that benefit the entire family of God.” –Sister Liz Colver, Community Organizing Specialist, NW WA Synod


“The training was a life changing event. It re-confirmed for me that we have the tools, coming directly from our faith tradition, to be God’s instruments for creating meaningful social change.” –Joshua Stromberg, Seminarian, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary


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