For many years, we have used the word “stewardship.” Unfortunately, it has not always had the best reception and so we are now moving toward using the word “generosity.” Generosity has a wider scope and points to a more positive way of speaking about our relationship with God, Faith, and Money. We invite you to use these introductory topics as a way to have initial conversations about stewardship and generosity.

The resources on this page are designed for congregations to use for ongoing stewardship education, stewardship campaigns, and to learn more about generosity. Resources will be added and updated, so make sure to check back!

If you have additional questions about stewardship or any of the resources on this page, please reach out to Pastor David Sprang, Assistant to the Bishop and Director for Evangelical Mission.



How/Why We Give

Personal Money Management

Congregational Money Management

Bible Studies/Theological Reflection

Digital Giving Resources

Additional Resources

Stewardship Consulting

These organizations provide stewardship consulting. It can be done on an individual congregational basis or on a regular basis the ELCA negotiates consulting as a group. Contact Pastor David Sprang, Assistant to the Bishop and Director for Evangelical Mission, for the latest course and consulting offerings.

  • Building a Culture of Generosity: Gronlund, Sayther, and Brunkow provides religious based generosity consulting and training. The majority of the staff are ELCA Lutherans and they consult with congregations, outdoor ministry organizations, social services organizations, and non-profits. Building A Culture of Generosity is a step-by-step process for creating and effective stewardship campaign. Fee based. Learn more.
  • Stewardship for All Seasons: Gronlund, Sayther, and Brunkow also provides a more extensive consulting service for generosity-based stewardship year-round. Fee based. Learn more.
  • Cultivating Generous Congregations: The Lake Institute on Faith and Giving is part of the Indiana University Lilly School of Philanthropy, the nation’s leading consulting and teaching organization on religious and non-profit giving. Cultivating Generous Congregations maps the new landscape of religious giving and provides you and your team with tools to help you build a culture of generosity unique to your congregation’s needs and challenges. Fee based. Learn more.